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It often happens that you need to go to the Darknet site right now, but there is no free computer at hand. What to do? There is always an option to get to the marketplace from your phone or tablet. This is not at all difficult to do, the only thing to consider is which system is used on your device - Android or IOS. Let's look at both options.

How to access the SPRUT website from a mobile device

Login to the site from Android.
If your phone is running on an android system, then the ability to enter the site without modern browsers using a new application is currently being developed. Now mobile VPNs help with this.
Entrance to the spruty site with IOS.
If you prefer to buy and use Apple gadgets, then your system is iOS. The company is very concerned about the security of its system, so there are no applications for direct login to Blackspruit. In this situation, you need to download TOR.
As with the desktop version of the site, the mobile version allows you to shop very quickly and privately, as well as visit many stores and choose the best of the best that exists in the world. If necessary, the administration instantly resolves disputes arising between buyers and sellers.

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